Middle East College celebrates 46th National Day with different activities

Muscat –
As part of the sultanate’s joy of the great occasion every November, Middle East College (MEC) organised an event to celebrate the 46th Omani National Day.
The dean, staff, faculty and students gathered to perform the Omani National Anthem as start of the celebration.
Moreover, different activities presented by the students included video shows, poems, school students shows, folk arts like Youla, Aazi and Razha, best Omani traditional clothes competition, coins exhibition, skating show, poetry night with Omani poets, student talents shows, and horses show to name a few.
Anas al Rawahi, student at MEC and a participant in the open day, said, “His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said raised Oman to a level of importance and great presence where it plays a major role regionally and internationally.
“These celebrations come today as an expression of deep love and gratitude for everything that has been achieved in this country.
“It was my pleasure to be a part of MEC’s celebration and I would like to congratulate every person living in Oman on this happy and important occasion.”
Thuraya al Yaarubi, acting head of student activities office, said, “Participating and organising such national events creates a sense of unity and belonging for this wonderful country and the great leader of Oman. MEC, as a leading higher education institution in the sultanate, organises such events occasionally and give its students and staff the opportunity to participate in order to spread the spirit of patriotism and loyalty to Oman.”
It is worth mentioning that MEC always participates in national events as part of its quest to keep up with all the important events at the national level.
Moreover, it seeks to strengthen the country with powerful, well-educated and creative graduates to serve the country and play a role in raising it to a better level in the future.

Source: www.timesofoman.com

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