Oman Education: No need to ban disciplinary beatings in schools, says Shura panel

Muscat: “Disciplinary beatings” should not be banned in Oman schools, says the education committee of Shura Council.

However, parents can file a complaint against teachers or anyone who inflict scars or physical pain on their children, Khalid Al Farei, head of the committee assured, citing the penal code.

The law allows teachers and parents only to “not severely” beat children for disciplinary reasons, he said. “Some teachers might misuse the law, and we as a committee do not accept that, but some students can hurt their colleagues and perhaps teachers if we banned disciplinary beatings,” he explained.

“Therefore, we do not support total ban of corporal punishment but we do not accept misusing the law,” Al Farei added.

The education system in Oman has not mentioned or referred to corporal punishment laws in schools at all, according to Al Farei.

“Even the child law has no clear statement about beating in schools,” he told the Times of Oman.

In addition to corporal punishment in schools, the members of the committee discussed the higher education system, private higher education, employment in the higher education and university housing. The Minster of Higher Education Dr Rawya Al Busaidi is scheduled to give a statement to the Shura on December 7 and 8.


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